The SPVM’s Information Centre now provides its patrol cars with direct access to Sherlock Antitheft Marking’s data bank: a first in North America.

The "Intensive Antitheft Marking"® is a service recommended by the APA, the Automobile Protection Association.

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News in brief

Sherlock turns 30! This is a welcome opportunity to showcase the company’s milestones, from the first to the 800,000th vehicle marked!!!

Today, 30 years after it was first founded, Sherlock has more than 650 service outlets and the support of the most widely recognized insurance companies. We are proud of the strong ties we have forged with police forces, as reflected in the thousands of requests submitted to our data base by more than 250 Quebec investigators, police officers, and police information agents with the central office of the City of Montreal Police Department, as well as investigators with the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

A lot of ground has been covered over these thirty years! During the course of its history, the company has installed, via its distribution network, tens of thousands of remote starters, ignition-disabling devices and tracking systems. It is also responsible for a number of innovations in the residential sector, notably the creation of one of the first wireless home alarm systems as well as an international foray with a franchise in Germany.

It is thanks to its exclusive "Intensive Antitheft Marking" ® system, whose effectiveness has been repeatedly demonstrated over these 30 years, that it now enjoys credibility and an enviable reputation. Focused on the future, the company constantly seeks to excel in its relations with its clients and partners, and the prevention of automotive theft.


Sherlock’s "Intensive Antitheft Marking"® is consumers’ first choice in car theft protection.

With its 30 years of experience and unique know-how, Sherlock Antitheft Marking Inc. is the most prominent company in matters of automobile security.

We are dedicated to offer our product following rigorously high quality standards in order to provide safety to our consumers, uphold the confidence of the insurers and maintain our privileged relations with national and international police forces.


«Make sure that each client benefits from the best marking available». For Sherlock, automobile security starts with a team of the best qualified professionals in the industry.