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Warranty and quality assurance inspections


We stand behind our warranty

We’ve built our business by offering a quality product and professional service that reflect the highest standards of our industry. That’s one good reason why the APA recommends the Sherlock “golden crab.”

Because we put our customers’ best interests first, we also pledge to reimburse the owner of any Sherlock-marked vehicle that is stolen. See our warranty terms and conditions for details.

Learn more about the reimbursement in case of theft

Quality assurance

Rigorous installation standards

At Sherlock, our dedicated quality assurance team routinely subjects 1% of marked vehicles to a QA review, engaging in a meticulous examination to ensure that work was done in accordance with our standards. We also provide ongoing training for distribution and installation network personnel to ensure that their work meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Request a quality assurance inspection

Fill out this form to request a Sherlock Intensive Antitheft Marking® inspection by our Quality Assurance team.