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Who is Sherlock ?

Sherlock at a glance

What comes to mind when you hear the name Sherlock? If you said “intelligent” and “expert,” you’re describing us! As specialists in the development of innovative vehicle antitheft solutions, we’ve built an excellent reputation with our exclusive Intensive Antitheft Marking®. We’re also focused on the future, constantly seeking to forge new relationships with our customers and partners.


Ensure automotive security by way of Sherlock’s proven products and team of highly qualified professionals.

" Remain the industry leader by providing the best possible antitheft protection. ".

Our timeline

Sherlock turns 35!

Over 1 000,000 vehicles now have Sherlock's protection, making it the perfect time to reflect on our company’s success.

Sherlock Antitheft Marking inc. is founded

The first vehicle is marked on May 11, 1983

The Sherlock stenciling system obtains Canadian and U.S. patents

Sherlock introduces marking for heavy trucks and motorcycles

Our marking equipment receives Canadian patents

Company headquarters are built in Longueuil

Sherlock wins the Dominique Rollin Award for top service company

Sherlock franchising begins in Germany

Commerce magazine publishes an article about us

In a booklet on automotive security, Protégez-vous magazine and the GAA name Sherlock the # 1 antitheft system

Laser-produced stencils are introduced

Partnerships with auto glass companies Lebeau and Duro expand Sherlock’s Quebec distribution network

Sherlock launches marking for boats and recreational vehicles

Sherlock obtains European patents for its Intensive Antitheft Marking® concept and business methods, and applications for the same are pending in Canada and the U.S.

The company’s image and logo get a makeover

Sherlock celebrates its 25th anniversary

Sherlock revs up its first consumer ad campaign

The Montreal Police Department’s SPVM information centre gives its patrol cars direct access to the Sherlock antitheft marking database—a first in North America

The Quebec distribution network grows with the addition of Mister Muffler outlets

U.S. patents are obtained for anti-theft and anti-corrosive tracking code methods

Sherlock turns 30!

Sherlock releases an actuarial study confirming the efficacy of its Intensive Antitheft Marking® product

Sherlock wins the GRAND PRIX CRÉA 2014 in the "Publicité télé - service" category

Sherlock obtains Canadian Patent for its Method of preventing theft of vehicles using intensive marking

Sherlock wins the GRAND PRIX STRAT 2014 in the "services" category

Sherlock turns 35!

Introduction of the Protector OBD and Sherlock 53

Commercialization in Quebec of KYCS Locate


Our latest ad campaign

The Sherlock security company entrusted its most recent campaign to Bleublancrouge.

The operation highlights the main anti-theft marking system.

Other campaigns

Sherlock commemorated its 30th year with an image makeover that complements our increasing visibility.

The campaign’s key message: “Sherlock isn’t just an antitheft device—it’s an Anti-Thief system.”

In our TV commercial, a would-be thief quickly decides to find a new target after finding the Sherlock golden crab on the vehicle he is about to steal.

Protecting Your Vehicle from Theft

Any vehicle, any time, in plain sight and even from your own driveway at night, thieves are stealing vehicles. Here are some tips to help you protect your vehicle from theft.