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Sherlock Antitheft Marking Inc., March 10, 2010

The SPVM’s Information Centre now provides its patrol cars with direct access to Sherlock Antitheft Marking’s data bank: a first in North America.

PRESS RELEASE For immediate publication 

The SPVM’s Information Centre now provides its patrol cars with direct access to Sherlock Antitheft Marking’s data bank: a first in North America. 


Montreal, March 10, 2010. Using Sherlock’s alphanumeric code, which is highly visible on vehicles, officers with the City of Montreal Police Department (SPVM) will be able to request and corroborate a series of information in real time, which will facilitate their investigations. This alphanumeric number is found on automobile parts that are not normally identified with the vehicle’s original serial number. With this partnership, our police officers have access to an additional tool for identifying a vehicle or parts, which have been stolen. “I am confident that this new service will allow the police information centre to provide officers with greater support in their various investigations,” states Jacques Robinette, Head of the SPVM’s Special Investigations Department.


A few figures relating to auto theft 

31,091: this is the number of vehicles stolen last year, in Quebec alone.

7 minutes: this is how often a vehicle is targeted by thieves (combination of thefts “of”, and “from” vehicles).

$230 million: these are direct losses assumed by automobile insurance companies in La belle province alone. This hefty price tag is inevitably assumed by all drivers.

66%: 2 of every 3 vehicles stolen are never recovered: they are resold either under a new identity or for parts, or shipped overseas.


Prevention tips when selling a vehicle 

Always take someone with you when going to see or test-drive a vehicle.

When selling your vehicle, never allow the potential buyer to test-drive the vehicle alone.

Select a busy public location as your meeting place rather than your residence.

Have a cell phone close at hand.


Reminder, in the event of robbery 

Don’t resist. Your life is worth much more than a car.

Dial 9-1-1 and provide a description of the vehicle and the suspect.

Contact your insurer to report the theft.

If the vehicle is equipped with a tracking device, report the theft immediately to the monitoring centre.



Sherlock is the first North American company specializing in intensive antitheft marking to offer this service to police departments. “This is an important phase for our firm, and we are quite proud of the SPVM’s trust in us. Working in increasingly close collaboration, we target a shared objective, which is to prevent and reduce the theft of automotive vehicles,” concluded Pierre-Paul Jodoin, President of Sherlock Antitheft Marking Inc.


About Sherlock Antitheft Marking Inc. 

Sherlock Antitheft Marking Inc. is active in the automotive security sector. Founded in 1983, the firm has become the leader in the fight against car theft in Quebec, with close to 600,000 vehicles marked since it was first established. Today, Sherlock has some thirty employees and a distribution network consisting of almost 500 service outlets. Sherlock is recommended by the Automobile Protection Association (APA) and is involved in the community through Info-Crime Montreal.


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